Is the BOOM Planned Gay Community Real? Or just a Mirage?

is a planned community
slated for 100+ acres in
Rancho Mirage,
and was originally conceived with gay people in mind, but straight people can come too–everyone’s invited to the multi-generational, pedestrian-oriented, culture-driven, hyphenation-mad little burg, for which plans include 300 residences in eight neighborhoods, an entertainment complex, a boutique hotel, a gym, and “state-of-the-art wellness facilities” in phase one (phase two will add more residences).

The project was created by Los Angeles-based developer Boom Communities, Inc.; architect Matthias Hollwich of Hollwich Kushner; and ten architecture firms, half from New York, half from Europe and California.

This is all according to Curbed LA . I don’t know. It’s a little hard for me to believe in these economic times this is a $250 million project in the works.

Rumor has it BOOM will break ground in 2012 starting with 300 residences built in eight neighborhoods, each designed by a different firm.

The BOOM concept extends to the online world as well with, designed by renowned Bruce Mau Design in Toronto, who also developed the BOOM brand and graphic identity. The web portal uses social media to encourage participation from the virtual community in addition to the one built from bricks and mortar.